Monday, February 7, 2011

CONVERGENCE 2011 Conference

Greetings friends,

It has been a long time since my last post. Sometimes there is so much to get done around here. But we do what we do, because WE WANT TO. We truly love the ceramic industry and everything it's about. Except for people who can't understand, that positives always go further than negatives. But some people live their lives this way, and we still love them. Anyway enough about that.

We want to let people know about how much you will miss out on if you can't make it to CONVERGENCE this summer. This IS NOT an attempt to make you feel bad if you can't come, we understand there are many things that come up, from family, to funds, to whatever. We will also be trying to bring some of the classes to you online via live webcasts and webinars for those who can not travel. Of course a webinar is never like being there in person.

If you want to understand more about what the conference is all about just go to or and you can see the schedule, classes, facilities and the multitude of activities taking place. Right now until the start of March you can save $100 on your delegates fee, that's half price.

Speaking of delegates (registrants fees) a couple of people have been confused. If you have ever been to any kind of major show or conference, like CHA, ART EXPO, SDP, IADCCT, etc, there is a base cost to each participant. This fee helps to cover all the costs of the events. The artists fees for classes go to them minus the actual cost of the room rentals and setup. (Remember we're artists and tend to get messy with our supplies sometimes.) There are several free classes that come with the registration including two wonderful nights of fantastic learning in a make n take environment.

CONVERGENCE will be an extraordinary experience, guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever done before. We hope to meet you there.


  1. I am sorry Tom but you have it wrong with IADCCT! The registration fee covers all the classes that you will be getting at the IADCCT Convention. They do not charge another fee for the teachers teaching. The only other cost incurred by the attendees of IADCCT Convention is their hotel bill and meals tat are not included with the convention which is discounted for IADCCT by the Orleans Hotel for those attending.

  2. Here is what it cost for IADCCT Convention this year:

    Check items for which you are registering. All prices are in US funds. Amount
    Registration ($200 if postmarked on/before 1 November 2010; $225 after 1 Nov) $200.00

    Saturday Guest Lunch – Please provide Guest Name in the space below:$35.00

    Saturday Guest Dinner – Please provide Guest Name in the space below: $55.00
    Sunday Guest Lunch – Please provide Guest Name in the space below: $35.00